$104 Hourly Labor rate


Cylinder Head Recondition- $250
-Remove carbon from ports, combustion chamber and valves if they are to be reused
-Resurface valve faces and valve tips
-Resurface valve seat angles
-Measure valve guide wear, valve to guide clearance, valve to seat concentricity, valve runout,
valve stem protrusion, valve spring open and close pressure and gasket surface warpage
-Clean and reassemble with Viton seals
-available for Twin Cam, Evo, Shovelhead, Pandhead, Knucklehead, Ironhead and Evo Sportster

Cylinder Head Porting using stock valves and guides- $450
-Includes all steps involved in reconditioning
-Valve guides and bosses are reshaped for maximum airflow
- Focus on valve seat area and port roof
-Heads are decked for desired compression ratio and combustion chamber equalization
-Intake manifold is blended and matched to port entrance
-Adds 5 to 10 Hp and Ftlbs to camshaft and big bore installation.

Race Prep Head Porting- $750 +
-Stock valve guides are replaced with high flow Bronze Manganese guides
-Over size high flow valves, matched to your bore size and power goals are used
-5 angle intake seat cut and 2 angle with radius exhaust seat cut. Custom angles are available.
-Port volume and flow characteristics are matched to your power goals and intended use. (ex. Heads for touring bikes have different needs than a drag bike or turbo system)
-Valve springs matched to your cam specs are installed.
-15 + Hp and Ftlb increase
-Includes a PipeMax Exhaust design data sheet to help you build the optimal exhaust system and a copy of your final flow bench data sheet.

Throttle body porting- $90
-Remove throttle plate and rework throttle body for efficient air flow
(2011 to 2015 electronic throttle bodies benefit greatly from porting as these castings have sharp edges at the short turns )


Dynojet Power Vision ECM Reflash and Autotune Mapping - $250
The Dynojet Power Vision is the most sophisticated tuner that I have found for tuning American V-twins and has the lowest cost to the consumer. The unit does not stay on the bike. It reprograms your factory ECM and will not void your factory warranty, see Magnusson- Moss Warranty Act. The Dynojet Auto Tune system works in conjunction with the Power Vision to fine tune the fuel delivery to the engine. Data is collected by the Power Vision via the Auto Tune system on a dynomometer or while riding in a closed course environment.
I have used this system on 883 Sporsters to 124" Drag Bikes and prefer it above all other tuners.

Milwaukee 8 maps are now available

Dyno Tune- $400

Big Bore Installation-
$720 labor- Milwaukee 8, Twin Cam, Evo and Sportster
$820 labor- liquid cooled Milwaukee 8 and Twin Cam
Sportster- 1250cc and 1275cc complete kits starting at $499
Twin Cam 98" and 107" complete kits starting at $580

Cam Installation- $450 labor
Parts starting at $550 for cams, lifters and cam install kit

DISCLAIMER- Capitol Speed Shop does not warranty engine modifications past vehicle delivery. The intent of a performance build is to utilize the engines power in a more aggressive way than the stock form. If not operated within directed specified parameters, the engine can be damaged due to customer negligence.